All modern paintworks particularly are so easy to damage with poor washing techiniques and can soon look dull, scratched and tired. Simply washing your car with a sponge in a circular motion can cause what we call Swirl marks - fine circular scratches in the paint work. The only solution previously was a respray or a panel respray.

This is no longer the case. Using a range of products, a professional detailer can transform your car into better than showroom condition. It's not just old cars that suffer from swirl marks; some simply haven't been prepped very well by the supplying dealer and you may see what we call holograms caused by either poor machine polishing or excess wax. These look like this.

Again these can be simply rectified by using skilled techniques to remove or minimise the scratches and swirling in a safe manor. We use ultrasonic gauges to measure each panel including bumpers to safely remove the defects required.)

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