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Paint Protection

We offer various treatments using only the finest car care products, so you konw your vehicle is in safe hands. Once your vehicle has been cleaned we will apply the best of waxes. Anything from €50 (onyx) to €1600 (Divine). This will greatly enchance the look of your car and maximise resale value.

Time needed: 4 - 6 Hours

If you have any quiries please don't hesitate to e-mail us,
or contact us on 0879737305

-Tyres and wheel arches fully cleaned
-Wheels cleaned including inner's
-Door shuts cleaned
-Vehicle given a pre wash with an citrus degreaser or snow foam
-Vehicle is given hand wash with a ph neutral shampoo
-Remove any excess tar from paintwork and wheels
-Full paintwork decontamination (removes embedded contaminants & impurities)
-Paintwork cleansed with a pre wax cleanser
-Wax applied to all paintwork including door shuts
-Exterior plastics, tyres and wheel arches dressed
-Wheels sealed
-All chrome and metal cleaned and polished
-Interior and exterior glass cleaned

Paint Correction

The most important process in detailing is in the preperation.
This involves using a rotary polisher which will level the paint and remove marring, swirl marks, fine scratches, oxidation,holograms and buffer trails.The process takes time and patience , therefore it may take up to 3 days including paint protection.

Time needed :1 - 3 days

This shows correction done on the bonnet of a 15 year old car.

New Car Protection

Many new cars are rarely delivered to customers with adequate protection , and if so are threated with poor quality products or applied incorrectly over poor paint finishes.When a car is on route to dealerships it will pick bird droppings and contamination along the way.Before you purchase your car it mayl be prepared with incorrect washing techniques or dirty sponges which will leave fine scratching.Let us prepare your new car to the best possible condition with the finest products available.

Time needed: 4-6 Hours

Each car may vary depending on customers needs.Whether you require a full interior /exterior protection please contact us on 087 9737305.


We will take the time and care to ensure your car will look better than the next, whether you wish to have it in "show" or "concourse" condition. This will depend on how far the client is willing to go with their car.

If you require further details on our concourse preperation please contact us on 087 9737305

After Care

When we detail your car we will advise and show our clients the best way in maintaining that detailed finish. We also offer a maintenance program which involves us returning on a quarterly basis.This is to ensure your vehicle is kept looking its very best.

Returning every 3 months between annual full detail.This also includes interior and leather threatment. FROM: €110

Please contact us if you wish to availe of our after care kit.


-Protection detail -- from 250 euro
[Protect your pride and joy]

-Enhancement detail -- from 350 euro
[Bring some clarity back into the paintwork]

-Correction detail -- from 550 euro
[1 to 3 stage paint correction]

Royal Kingpin Detail -- POA
the ultimate in vehicle detailing

New vehicle detail -- 379 euro


Exterior Protection Detail:
-Bodywork, also with door and boot shuts treated with a pre-wash, then rinsed. Tar removed from end of panels.
-Exterior is then carefully hand washed with a ph neutral shampoo, rinsed and dried with a microfibre drying towel.

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