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Bill, VW

"Brian has worked on my two vehicles and I am very happy. He is a nice guy who is very good at his work. A word of caution however. If you are engaged in any activity which requires a low profile, such as having an affair, or being a secret agent. Think again, as I guarantee your kingpin prepared car will be noticed wherever you go."

Eoin, Lancia

"My Lancia was under a cover for a number of months and had picked up some scuffs and scrapes as well as the usual grime and residues .I found through a classic car website and Brian was confident he could breathe new life into the paintwork .He spared no effort and after a long hard day the car looked amazing .The shine was simply unbelievable and I have received many compliments on the paintwork since .If your pride and joy is looking a bit sorry for itself give Kingpin a call ,you’ll be amazed at the results!"

Niall, M5 Hartge

"The paintwork on my m5 was very bad, no matter what i did i could not get a gleam off it, i was doing the cannonball and wanted it to look the part, found kingpin on internet rang brian he came down and spent full day on the car results were amazing , best money i have spent on the car since i bought it looks like a new car will be back again in 6 months."

Brian, Mercedes

"After much searching I finally found in June this year, my beloved 1993 Mercedes E220 in nautic blue. Having only covered 29k in sixteen yrs,its overall condition could only be best described as very good. But as anyone who is reading this, will already know that “very good”,aint good enough. That’s where the man himself “Mr Brian Higgins “comes into the story. I went along to the Classic car show in Terenure recently where I saw firsthand the workmanship and results of what can only be created by someone who looks upon every single project as if it was a labour of love, perfecting every last detail. I must admit I had previously taken some time checking out detailing sites for any info on the great man, and so while it wasn’t a huge surprise to see the results in the flesh at the show ,you always have that sneaking suspicion that the camera does tend to airbrush things. I can honestly say in this case, it was not so. I defy anyone to achieve the finish this man got from a 1991 black VW Golf, a sight for sore eyes ,and in my case all the reassurance needed to let him loose on my car.

Friday came, the day my old lady was due her makeover, “The Car that is “although maybe that’s something Brian should also consider. Can you imagine a makeover that costs just €400,and last’s for the best part of a year? Try having that conversation with her in doors!

Brian pulled up outside at the time arranged, and being the true gentleman that he is, said all the right things about how he admired older German cars. Good start. He then went on to do a full inspection of what needed doing. We spoke, agreed a price, and as all good jobs start, we had a cuppa to discuss the current state of paintwork on new and not so new cars, and wondered are were alone in thinking that most people should be taken out and flogged for letting the cars get like this!

Eight hours later, having stood watching Brian perform his magic, I was presented with as near perfect paintwork for its age that anyone could get. The shine ,deep lustre, and showroom finish, was worth every penny. I was so impressed, I drove from Dublin to Naas that evening to show a friend of mine the car. He too had attended the show and was gobsmacked at the results. Trust me as a frustrated amateur detailer ,I soon realised, all the money I had spent on swirl removers, waxes, polishes, tyres cleaners etc, was in fact, false economy. When Brian saw my stash of products, he just smiled politely. If only he had rescued earlier from my addiction, but after some serious discussion with him, I now have “thanks to him “all the products I’ll ever need. His products are beyond doubt the easiest, and quickest I have ever used. Swissvax finish is stunning. The drying towels and shampoo are by far, the best I have ever had. No more water marks!

I could go on forever, but I all I can say is “do yourself a favour” before you buy another cleaning product, call this man, and do so knowing it will be the best investment you have ever made in your car."

P. Condon, Porsche 911

"I can unreservedly recommend Kingpin and Brian Higgins. My 911's basalt black paintwork was restored to as close to new condition as was possible without repainting! The finish is stunning particularly given its pre-detailing condition. I was fully informed about what a proper detail job entails and there is also the facility for ongoing programme to maintain the car's condition. Thanks again."

D. Harrigan Nissan

"Through lack of care by me and the previous owner my Nissan was looking a bit swirly and jaded. I found Brian through his Trade stand and have never been happier with anyone who has worked on my car. The level of paintwork correction and depth of shine and lustre achieved by brian in one day was astonishing, I really didn't expect it to be so good. Brian's attention to detail is apparent as soon as he begins to work and the attention my car now gets is as a direct result of his work. He even gave me advice on looking after the finished product and provided the best detailing products I have used. Shampoos and wax, leather cleaner and the drying towel have changed the way I wash my car, it is so much easier with the correct products and info. To top it all off Brian is as dead-on a guy as you will meet and is extremely easy to deal with. I would not hesitate to recommend his work to anyone and I personally will be back down from belfast again this year."

L. Hickey, Ferrari 430 Spider

"My friends and neighbours’ think I go a bit OTT when looking after my car but when I asked Brain from Kingpin to come out to my house to a job on some scratches I finally met someone who cares about a car's appearance as much as I do. This guy is the best there is and most importantly he is really passionate about what he does. He will make you car look better than new!!"

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